Mindfulness in Edinburgh
        Mindfulness          in Edinburgh  

Organisational Mindfulness


These programmes are adaptable the needs of the corporate sector, health care and education


The courses we offer can be incorporated into well-being programmes, skills development for enhancement of resilience in times of change and enhancing communication and compassion. Participants develop mindfulness skills that can help in managing personal stress, health and improving quality of life.


We offer our basic 4 step Mindfulness programme either at your premises or at our Coates Place centre.


Each step is a 2 hour session.


We would help participants to understand the challenges that modern working life throws up. It will help with a vairety of personal issues concerning health and wellbeing, in addition to becoming better able to communicate with empathy and compassion.


Step 1 - Creatures of habit

              Reconnect to your senses and learn the basics of staying present to experience rather than                 slave to habit   

Step 2 - Body/breath awareness

              Anchoring your consciousness by constant referral to a calm mind and relaxed body and    

             accepting the flow of thought without judgement

Step 3 - Tuning in to Chi

              Below the turbulent surface of the human mind lies the balancing energy of Chi    

              and tuning in allows that to happen

Step 4 - The layers of the mind

              You can learn to sift through the layers of thought, emotion and experience, eliminating the

              negative and accentuating the positive.


We also have experienced therapists who can work one to one with employees.



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