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Mindful therapy

What is Mindful Therapy


Many therapies are focussed on a particular goal, either overcoming a specific fear or finding the motivation and resourcefulness to accomplish set goals.

Mindful therapy looks at how we live our lives, emphasising compassion, openness and presence to allow peace of mind, body and heart.


'Nirvana teaches that we already are what we want to become.

We dont have to run after anything anymore.

We only have to return to ourselves and touch our true nature.

When we do we have real peace and joy'


Thich Nhat Hanh


Each one of us is involved in a compelling story - our ego story, built on the whimsical foundations of societal conditioning and experience, driven by longing and fear.


Are we good enough, worthy enough, rich enough in popularity and material possessions?


This reality will always be impermanent - this will all pass away along with you, your fears and possessions.  


Mindful therapy is largely based on Buddhist principles of the key to lasting happiness being to live a life that accepts suffering and looks to embrace the present moment, filling it with a more compassionate and principled story based on love rather than fear and desire.


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