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Mindfulness - Advanced Workshops

Whether it be the 'flying' of Transcendental Meditation or any of the  metaphsical practices that offer soul alchemy, there are many routes that use mindfulness or meditation to explore the inner mindscape of consciousness.

Once the 'zone' of basic Mindfulness is established, it allows the inner spotlight of enhanced awareness.

Our workshops are designed to open mental doors.


Workshop 1


Developing your potential for healing

Our bodies are continually renewing themselves on a cellular basis. The organising principle that creates our health or illness appears to be at the quantum level and the exercises are designed to get back to a natural connection to Source.

Background reading: Quantum Healing - Deepak Chopra

                                 : The Journey - Brandon Bays


Workshop 2


Exploring psychic development

We will move through exercises to increase your ability to sense energies, within yourself and others, connect with guides and embark upon Shammanic healing journeys.

Background reading: Psychic development for beginners - William Hewitt

                                 : Mending the past and healing the future - Alberto Villoldo


Workshop 3


Understanding Past Lives

Are past Lives a figment of imagination, an old energy trace that we tap in to or a true connection to a past existence.

We help you to experience the dream sequence and make up your own mind.

Background reading: Many lives, Many masters - Brian Weiss

                                : Journey of Souls - Michael Newton



Workshop 4


Manifesting success

What are your dreams? What story is your subconscious whispering to you that prevents that happening?

Our guided exercises ensure that you attract the success you want in all areas of your life.

Background reading: 7 Spiritual laws of success - Deepal Chopra

                                : Wishes fulfilled - Wayne Dyer



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