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        Mindfulness          in Edinburgh  

Learn how to stay calm in a frantic world

What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a practice of awareness that leads to living more fully in the present, without judgement and offers a less fearful and more harmonious way of living.

Regular practice of the Basic 4 steps will provide a platform from which you could explore meta-mindfulness, the deeper applications, or just stay with the basics - the choice is yours.

'The present moment is filled with joy and happiness.

If you are attentive, you will see it'


Thich Nhat Hahn

Is Mindfulness effective?


A recent review of the research in the Clinical Psychology Review by researchers at the University of Montreal looked at 209 studies covering 12,145 people. It concluded that mindfulness was an effective treatment for a variety of psychological problems, "and is especially effective for reducing anxiety, depression and stress".


 In 2004, Nice – the NHS's rationing body – was convinced enough of the benefits that it ruled mindfulness-based cognitive therapy was cost effective. Its most recent advice, updated in 2007, is that it can be prescribed for people with three or more episodes of depression. There is also growing evidence that it's effective for chronic long-term health conditions such as ME.

How do I start?


If you are already familiar with the concepts of Mindfulness then book on to the 4 step program or for beginners, book on to a taster session.

Next taster sessions


4 Steps of Mindfulness  - click here for the next course

This is our popular introduction to Mindfulness and is carried out over a minimum 4 week period to allow you to embrace the practice fully. There is a cd and written instructions at each step.



     Step 1 Mindfulness of Routine


     Step 2 Mindfulness of Body


     Step 3 Mindfulness of Emotion


     Step 4 Mindfulness of Thought


Meta-Mindfulness takes things to that next level.

Once basic mindfulness is established as a routine, there are a number of levels of consciousness that open up. 

We offer Advanced workshops that seek to develop more of our potential as human beings.


Aspects of Meta-Mindfulness - Advanced workshops


The following 1 day workshops are available  in the  application of Mindfulness: Details here


 Workshop 1    Developing your potential for healing


 Workshop 2    Exploring psychic development


 Workshop 3    Understanding Past Lives


 Workshop 4    Manifesting success

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